27 Famous Actors Whose Careers Were Launched on Miami Vice


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While many of us remember the show Miami Vice mainly for Don Johnson’s 5 O’clock shadow and Jan Hammer’s theme song, apparently the show also featured many unknown actors who went on to be major stars.  Here are 27 of them:

1) Jimmy Smits
2) Ben Stiller
3) Bruce Willis
4) Steve Buscemi
5) Julia Roberts
6) Chris Cooper
7) Dennis Farina
8) Kyra Sedgwick
9) Benicio Del Toro
10) Viggo Mortensen
11) Liam Neeson
12) Michael Richards
13) Stanley Tucci
14) Helena Bonham Carter
15) Richard Jenkins
16) Laurence Fishburne
17) John Turturro
18) Ed O’Neill
19) Bill Paxton
20) Oliver Platt
21) Michael Madsen
22) Teller (yes, as in Penn and Teller)
23) John Leguizamo
24) Ving Rhames
25) John Michael Higgins
26) R. Lee Ermey
27) Chris Rock

The full writeup, including details about their debut episodes, is in this piece on Mental Floss.


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